Screen time: The lost generation

My name is Marina, and I’m addicted to books. They’re everywhere. I stack them anywhere there is an open space. My closet holds more books than clothes. Books serve as stands for mirrors, lamps, and jewelry stands. A bench I expected to refurbish years ago has become a makeshift bookcase, with books of all kinds […]

Surrounded: How Books Are Keeping Me Going in Quarantine

Well I can relate to Marina a lot, in some ways reading about her love of books reminded me of my mother. It’s rare to find her without a book glued to her hands, but i guess for me I’m from that generation that swapped books for screens. Don’t get me wrong- there’s is nothing like turning a page on a book. The kindle (however useful) just can’t imitate that.

For me it’s a love of learning, I love to educate myself with information based on passing wonderings of my brain. If I wonder ‘How tall is the eiffel tower?’, I Google it. And that spirals into me reading about the history of its craftsmanship or the reason it got its name. The Internet is just this vast pool of endless information that i often wonder how the world functioned without.

Can you imagine how milennials would of coped without Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram? For sure I imagine it would of been a more intelligent generation in a lot of ways, but it has completely reinvented a generation of existence and changed the normal behaviour patterns of the young and even mature citizens of earth arguably forever.

It’s offered us all a way to be connected through this quarantine. A way for us to feel less paranoia about what actions to take when we need information about healthcare or government advice. A constant link to the wider society that’s going through the same things day to day, on a worldwide scale. So many experiences, perceptions, stories and ideas about how to cope with this new normality we are living in.

So thank you to the Internet for being the greatest possible gift we could ask for in these crazy days we’ll look back on as playing hide and seek with COVID-19.

Remember to take care of yourselves and be safe!

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