Inequality in the USA: Black lives matter

Meg Guliford on being a black grad student right now: “I’m disappointed with and disheartened by the institutional expectation that pressing forward with little interruption while trying to process all this heartbreak is healthy.”

“We are not okay. And you shouldn’t be either.”

This is such a well articulated article on the hardships the black community in the United States have to face every single day and how those inequalities have now been amplified by the economic downturn the coronavirus has caused.

It really provoked thoughts in my mind about how unaware many human beings are of the single most important fact we should all hold onto above and beyond anything else, we’re all human beings. We need to look after each other. We spend so much time looking towards corrupt governments and institutions to do it for us and merely voicing our concerns sat on our buttocks on social media- that nothing changes. We’re still sat moaning about inequalities and nothing is changing fast enough. People should not be living like this, period.

We are ruled by divide and conquer tactics even to this day. If coronavirus has taught us anything about the world and humanity – it’s that EVERYTHING WAS AND STILL IS WRONG.

We can do better, and we should do better. Not just for humanity, but for the planet and every other living organism on it.

If there are any politicians reading this, please never forget this quote…

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Sending love and support to everyone that needs it.

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