What is CANZUK?


Proposed CANZUK flag. Source: canzukinternational.com

Since before Brexit even went to a public referendum vote an idea was brewing in the background for a new kind of trade union between 4 Western countries linked by not only a monarchy, but by language, judicial systems, Westminster style parliamentary systems and a strong sense of connected cultures. This idea is CANZUK, a union of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Public polling figures. Source: canzukinternational.com

This idea has been critisized by many as nothing more then an attempt of Britain to return to the colonial days of empire. Others have looked on with wide eyes and hope in their hearts. To many ‘normal’ folk outside of the political world this is something that makes complete sense on an emotional level. People have families spread across all 4 nations, others grow up yearning to work and live in one of their ‘cousin’ nations, and others merely want to expand upon the massively solid alliances we already have with the CANZUK 4.

Source: canzukinternational.com

Personally I’m pro freedom of movement on a worldwide level. I’ve lived and worked in the Netherlands and absolutely loved my time and experiences there. I’ve made the most of EU freedom of movement, and travelled Europe extensively at any given opportunity – its certainly something I’m very sad and reluctant to give up. However, I do believe in democracy and for that reason I feel that maybe it’s time we looked at how we can replace those lost opportunities with other nations and cultures, and also give those opportunities back to people who had them taken away when we decided to join the EU.

Whilst I think CANZUK is a long way off becoming a reality. I think it’s something that we should be open to, and look at from a perspective that isn’t comparative to the EU/Brexit or any other political institution or situation. We should look at it for what it is, an opportunity for closer relations with countries that we’ve always been closest to outside of trading statistics.

If CANZUK is something you want to get more involved with, go along to their website and find out some more.

If you already think you know enough, click the button and get involved with the petition.

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